Roger's profanisaurus by Viz, Terry Jones

By Viz, Terry Jones

The final in schoolboy humor, this is often the publication for somebody who really loves Viz humor! Roger Mellie provides a brand new version of his vintage dictionary of swearing that provides a hilarious unique approach to many formerly innocently used phrases. totally up-to-date for the hot millennium with definitions culled from the intellects of Viz's most interesting readers, this is often definitely the final word in modern profanity.

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Pocket frog n. A fart; botty burp; anal announcement. pocket pinball See pocket billiards. pocket rocket See porridge gun. poe n. Vagina. poe slap n. Sanitary towel. pogue mahone Gaelic Kiss my arse, to be sure. pogie n. US Where American plonkers (qv) go dressed in their plunkers (qv). point Percy at the porce-lain v. Train Terrence at the terracotta. See Percy. poke v. What plonkers (qv) do to pogies (qv). pole vault n. Vagina; stench trench; strong room where the spam sceptre (qv) can be safely housed.

2. Of sheep-to-sheep shagging, red hot horny ram on ewe action. tuppence licker n. Lesbo; bean flicker. turbot for tea See fish supper. turd n. Crap; excrement; brown trout. turd burglar n. Stealthy thief who forces entry into the rear of a person’s premises via the chocolate drainpipe. turdis n. One of those detached, modern, portable, space age looking public conveniences. turistas See Turkish two-step. turkey-neck n. That which is throttled in Norfolk. See throttle the turkey. Turkish n. Irish.

The contents of your stomach as they appear after barfing (qv) in the street; a parked tiger. pearl necklace n. Those globular consequences of having a sausage sandwich (qv) at the Billy Mill roundabout (qv). As in “I gave her a beautiful pearl necklace”. pebble dash v. To crop spray (qv) the toilet bowl with clarts (qv). pecker 1. US n. Penis. 2. UK n. Nose. pee See piss. peel v. 1. To strip; pose nude. 2. When so doing, to draw back the beef curtains (qv). As in “Crikey, have you seen Fiesta?

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