Developments in Packaging Machinery for Packing/Palletising by Pira International Ltd

By Pira International Ltd

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These can be a bar on a conveyor, a stopper, a diagonal guide, etc. All of these devices can be considered as a core competency of the machinery manufacturer. Robotic solutions can also imply a real manufacturer’s know-how if these devices are built by the manufacturers themselves and not outsourced. Mechanical solutions are generally more reliable, especially for high-speed line productions, while robotic solutions are more flexible. e. ) which requires more flexibility than in the past. Robotic solutions are now more in demand and they are less expensive.

Some tooling changes are always necessary, but this is confined to the PC where production settings are selected on the touch-screen. By synchronising different axes of machines, each one of them corresponds to a specific function of the process and is totally automatic. The first consequence of servo-drive architecture is the economy of time achieved in programming. A high-speed flow-pack machine can have up to 18 axes with the feeder and the belt conveyors, and previously it took hours to set all of the axes.

Facilitation of programming and piloting These machines mostly embed special software for piloting. Principal developments in this field tend to facilitate programming for the user in order to reduce time loss during production changeovers. With the usage of modern piloting software, the operator just has to enter data with regard to case dimensions. e. it will establish the right palletising layout which takes into account the nature and shape of the products as well as the size of the pallets and clearance.

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