Animating with Blender: Creating Short Animations from Start by Roland Hess

By Roland Hess

Blender has develop into the most renowned 3D and animation instruments out there, with over 2 million clients, and it truly is loose! Animating with Blender is the definitive source for growing brief animation initiatives from scratch, the proper platform for experimenting with animation.

Blender professional and writer Roland Hess walks you thru the total technique of making a brief animation, from writing to storyboarding and blockading, via personality construction, animation and rendering.

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In the context of a larger production, their expense is negligible, but to someone producing their own short animation, it will seem high. Wacom currently makes a series of tablets called Bamboo™ that are fairly inexpensive (the smallest is under $100), and still receives great reviews both on quality and responsiveness. Of course, depending on your skills as a sketch artist, even this may be more than you need. A simple product search on the Internet will turn up a number of off-brand or generic pen tablets that cost significantly less and that, as long as they have pressure sensitivity, will work just fine for creating simple storyboards.

Select the audio file you created as a rough soundtrack (the WAV file) and place it in the VSE beginning on frame 1, just like the image strip. With the audio in place, pressing Alt-A (the standard Blender command to Play Animation) should cause the sound to begin to play while the storyboard images flash past in the preview window. The Edit panel back in the Scene Button’s Sequence context will show the start and end frames of the audio clip in the First and Last information fields. You will most likely have to use the mouse’s scroll wheel (or just press the Home key) to fit the entire audio strip onto the screen at once.

For now, set the Width to 800 and the Height to 600. Using the color picker between the Width and Alpha controls, select a pure white (RGB 0,0,0) for the background. 31 The New Image dialog Aspect Ratio It is a good idea to choose your finished format and size before you begin to create your storyboards so that the framing you work out will translate properly into 3D. ” The main choices are film, high-definition TV, and standard video. 85:1) can be attractive if you want your project to look like a movie.

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