Analysis of a potential trigger of an acute illness by Becker N.G., Salim A., Kelman C.W.

By Becker N.G., Salim A., Kelman C.W.

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The authors show that utilitarian value and hedonic value both interact with satisfaction. Overall hedonic value more strongly relates to satisfaction, word of mouth, and re-patronage anticipation, whereas utilitarian value more strongly influences re-patronage intentions. Finally, Lin et 12 Chapter A: Introduction al. (2005) focus on online retailing and show that perceived value has effects on post purchase behavior, satisfaction, and word-of-mouth. Author(s) and year Carpenter (2008) Harris and Goode (2004) Jones et al.

None Smith and Colgate (2007) Sweeney and Soutar (2001) The authors aim to None develop a conceptual framework on customer value. Development of None measure that can be used to assess customers’ perceptions of the value of a consumer durable good at brand level in a retail purchase situation. Core findings The authors show that distinct hedonic and utilitarian shopping value dimensions do exist and are related to a number of important consumption variables. The experiential value scale is valuable as a measurement tool, useful in describing the perceived make-up of a retail value package and predicting differences in shopping preferences among consumers as well as patronage intention in multichannel retail systems.

Online channel and offline channel retention and sales), Biyalogorsky and Naik (2003) examine the influence of online activities on offline sales and online sales and show that online purchase behavior leads to cannibalization effects with regard to offline sales which, however, are only marginal and thus of minor importance (see Figure A—8). In contrast, scholars also focus on cross-channel integration and show positive effects on firm sales growth (Cao and Li 2015) and positive effects on consumer behavior that are mediated by perceived service quality (Herhausen et al.

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