Analyse 2: Exercises avec solutions by Ramis E., Deschamps C., Odoux J.

By Ramis E., Deschamps C., Odoux J.

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A good structured approach of implementation methodology is an essential road map for the working team. 1 Nowadays, models can play a key role in the stage of system implementation, operation and maintenance with the development of workflow techniques and business process management techniques. This is different with the original thoughts in 1990s. 9 Basic Elements Analysis of System Architectures 41 Fig. 18. 9 Basic Elements Analysis of System Architectures Before developing a new enterprise/system architecture or extending existing architectures, it is necessary to make sure which aspects and layers should be included and which views already exist in it.

If a machine was needed to fulfill a certain function, for implementation purposes, it should not be an abstract “machine” but have concrete type, size, capacity, vendor, location, etc. The deliverables of an actual system design should be a detailed list of facilities, including hardware, software and the corresponding human resources. The TO-BE system model provides the basis for systems verification and continuous improvements. It facilitates the learning process by starting from causal analysis of the variation between 40 2 Enterprise and Information System Architectures the actual and design targets specified in the conceptual model.

1 (Box N ) must accurately execute the production plan issued by the Department of Planning (Box 1)”. On the other hand, it also means that “the Department of Planning must provide a production plan to Workshop No. 1 at the end of every month”. 1 (Box N ) must send Progress Report to the Department of Planning (Box 1) every week”. Therefore, the meanings of those arrows are different with the arrows in IDEF0 diagram. The contents of each arrow will be described in a “specification card”. In these two kinds of diagrams, some behavior regulations should be set up to define salary system, incentive system, enterprise culture, etc.

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