Agency and Media Reception: Experiencing Video Games, Film, by Susanne Eichner

By Susanne Eichner

What occurs to our experience of business enterprise, our common skill to accomplish activities in our lifestyles worlds, during media reception and appropriation? when contemplating media communique as a distinct kind of social motion, this paintings reconsiders the most important thoughts of social motion conception, pragmatism, communique idea in addition to movie, online game and tv concept. It hence integrates business enterprise because the key to figuring out ‘doing media’ and even as conceptualizes corporation as a selected mode of involvement throughout media obstacles. This process amalgamates miscellaneous principles and conceptions resembling interactivity, participation, cognitive keep watch over, play or empowerment and applies the theoretical concerns at the foundation of textual analyses of the flicks Inception and The Proposal, the television exhibits Lost and I’m a Celebrity and the games Grand robbery automobile IV and The jogging Dead.

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Via magic and auditory feedback the environment was manipulated and distorted. Interestingly, the test persons still preserved their good sense of judgment, when the environment was distorted via magic, no matter if for the benefit or at expense of the probands. The variable magic caused at any case a decrease in control, but even if the result were excellent, people knew that it was not due to their own doing. Agency was generally perceived as something positive: people not only realize that they have power to act as agents but they also like being in control: “People like feeling in control and seek out instruments that afford this feeling” (ibid: 184).

Agency then can only be ascribed to the last two levels – pro19 While people are conducting an action they might become aware that the intended goal cannot be reached. They thus might abandon the goal altogether, formulate a new or modified goal that can be achieved by the action, or change the action accordingly. The variety of possibilities is far too great as to be predictable. 2 Object-related Agency 41 active and co-operative – since here a flexible interaction can influence the ‘behaviour’ of the system.

Empirically, practice and agency have different implications and possibilities relative to each model of subjectivity/self. While the enlightened subject acts intentionally and in rational terms of self-interest, the sociological subject – while acting intentionally – leaves rational choice and self-interest behind in favour of norm-oriented acting. The postmodern fractured and decentred subject, then, performs multiple identities “according to how subjects are addressed or represented” (Barker 2000: 178) and is thus able to avail herself of various possibilities for agency, depending on the character of the identities available to her from her positioning in a particular situation.

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