Adobe Flash Professional CS5 on Demand by Steve Johnson

By Steve Johnson

Desire solutions fast? Adobe Flash specialist CS5 on call for presents these solutions in a visible step by step layout. we'll express you precisely what to do via plenty of complete colour illustrations and easy-to-follow directions. [

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Xml) A packaged XML representation of a FLA file along with the assets for that file. asc) A file to store ActionScript code on a computer with Flash Communication Server. fla) A Flash document you create and save in Flash authoring environment. jsfl) A separate file with JavaScript code to add new functionality to Flash. swf) A compressed movie file you publish in the Flash authoring environment. Chapter 1 From the Library of Wow! eBook Open a Recently Opened Document 1 Click the File menu, and then point to Open Recent.

Drag the window’s tab out of the group or into the group. Chapter 1 Getting Started with Flash CS5 19 From the Library of Wow! eBook Saving a Document When you save a Flash CS5 document within the authoring environment, the document is saved in the FLA format. If you want to display a document in the Adobe Flash Player, you need to publish or export the document in the SWF format. When you save a new document, you give it a name and specify the location in which to save the file. Name your documents clearly so you can easily locate them later.

Flash documents are not the same as the movies you play with the Flash Player. Instead, you publish your Flash documents as Flash movies, which have the SWF filename extension and contain only the information needed to display the movie. 0. You can create new documents in several ways including using the New command on the File menu and the New Document task pane. When you open a new Flash document, it’s blank, ready for you to create or insert text, graphics, and other media content. By default, the first Flash document is titled Untitled1.

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