A Kipling Companion by Norman Page (auth.)

By Norman Page (auth.)

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Wolcott on his death-bed commended the care of his family to his friend Rudyard'). She became a devoted, protective, and somewhat possessive wife: 'the two were inseparable and her services to him indispensable' (Carrington). Her diary, kept from the date of her marriage, is a valuable source of information. See separate entries for her children Elsie, John and Josephine. For further information, see Hesketh Pearson, Pilgrim Daughters (1961), and V. Milner, 'Mrs. Rudyard Kipling', National Review, CXIV (February 1940).

Baetzhold, 'their mutual esteem was great' (OxJord Magazine, LXXV, 28 February 1957). Kipling described Twain as 'the master of us all' and often refers to his writings. 237. WILDE, OSCAR (1854-1900), writer, critic and wit. ' The revised version added the tribute that Kipling 'has seen marvellous things through keyholes, and his backgrounds are real works of art'. In a letter to The Times (23 September 1891), answering a criticism of his observations, Wilde wrote that 'There is no reason why Mr Rudyard Kipling should not select vulgarity as his subject-matter, or part of it.

I. M. Stewart also praises the freshness and variety of the Tales. Collections of this sort are often not to their writer's advantage, since what may have seemed reasonably diversified and resourceful when read over a period of time in newspapers reveals sameness and repetitiveness when brought together within the covers of a book. But this is not true ofPlain Tales; one can read the volume through from start to finish and be chiefly impressed by the range and variety of what is presented. This range and variety is not purchased at the expense of the coherence noted earlier.

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