A Farewell to Legs: An Aaron Tucker Mystery (Aaron Tucker by Jeffrey Cohen, Damon Abdallah, Books in Motion

By Jeffrey Cohen, Damon Abdallah, Books in Motion

The lifetime of Aaron Tucker - freelance author and stay-at-home dad - is something yet dull. in reality, Aaron manages to discover himself in far more chance than your average mild-mannered Jewish man. He lands in a homicide research while a number one conservative baby-kisser is located lifeless in his DC resort room, stumbled on through his mistress after her lengthy post-coital bathe. She (a former item of Aaron's affection) asks Aaron to discover the killer. Aaron does not see himself as an investigating genius yet he's taking the project, which does not sit down good along with his relatives.

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I’d appointed myself designated driver. The major effect of alcohol on my system is to make me sleepy. I don’t know what it was that convinced me to go. At Bloomfield, NJ’s prime example of a high school in the mid-1970s, students divided themselves into the usual cliques: the jocks, the cheerleaders (who existed mostly to sleep with the jocks, thus serving to doubly tweak the rest of us), the brains (this was years before nerds were invented, and decades before computer geeks), and the remedial students.

He yelled. “I saw you come in with the Goddess. ” “It’s nice to see you, too, Mark,” I attempted. ” “I saw Wharton earlier,” he said. “He’s trying to get everybody to vote for him for something. But what about the Goddess? ” “I’m married to a goddess,” I told him, “and it’s not Stephanie Jacobs. ” “Could have fooled me, the way she was hanging onto your arm,” he said, doing his best to leer but coming up with a lopsided grin instead. Friedman could never really transcend his original image, that of a cute little boy.

My husband,” she said.  . ” Gail gasped. A couple nearby turned their heads away, asking each other if either knew what she meant. I maneuvered myself into Stephanie’s line of sight. “Somebody killed your husband? ” “Murder,” she said. ” “Are they sure it was him? ” She laughed, not a merry laugh. “It was him, all right,” she said, avoiding my gaze again. ” And she just kept walking, right out the door. I looked at Gail. ” “Why? ” I thought about that. “No,” I said. ” Mahoney beckoned me from across the room.

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