A Dictionary of Scientists (Oxford Paperback Reference) by John Daintith, Derek Gjertsen

By John Daintith, Derek Gjertsen

For scientists of every age this can be a nice booklet with concise descriptions of 100's of scientists from the Greeks onwards. a quick description in their relations heritage, while born and died is by means of all you must recognize, approximately their major clinical endeavors. There are few visible omissions yet i need to convey to job the editors for now not directory probably the best British chemist of the 19th century - Sir Joseph Wilson Swan (inventor of the electrical mild bulb; glossy photographic paper and the creation of polymeric fibres).

At this cost you won't discover a greater speedy reference e-book.

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In this work he calculated that the Earth is about 18 times further away from the Sun than from the Moon. His method was to use the fact that when the Moon is exactly in the second quarter it will form a right-angled triangle with the Earth and the Sun, and the relative lengths of the sides of the triangle can be determined by angular measurement Although Aristarchus's method is correct, his measurement was inaccurate (the Sun is roughly 400 times further away). Despite the size of the error it was nevertheless the first attempt to come to grips with astronomical distances by something more sophisticated than revelation or guesswork.

As restriction enzymes were found to leave DNA strands 'sticky' and ready to combine with certain other 'sticky' strands it was soon apparent to molecular biologists that genetic engineering was at last a practical proposition. For his work on restriction enzymes Arber shared the 1978 Nobel Prize for physiology or medicine with Smith and Daniel NATHANS. Archimedes (287 BC-212 BC) Greek Mathematician Archimedes' father was an astronomer and he himself inherited an interest in the subject. He was educated in Alexandria and spent most of the rest of his life in his birthplace, Syracuse, under the patronage of King Hieron.

Having established the principles of spectroscopy in the laboratory, Ångstrom turned his attention to the Sun's spectrum, publishing Recherches sur le spectre solaire (1868; Researches on the Solar Spectrum) in which he made the inference that hydrogen was present in the Sun. In this work he also reported the wavelengths of some 1000 Fraunhofer lines measured to six significant figures in units of 10-8 centimeter. < previous page page_14 next page > < previous page page_15 next page > Page 15 Since 1905 his name has been officially honored as a unit of length used by spectroscopists and microscopists; 1 Ångstrom = 10-8 cm.

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