A-10 Warthog by Ken Neubeck

By Ken Neubeck

A-10 Warthog КНИГИ ;ВОЕННАЯ ИСТОРИЯ Издательство: Squadron/Signal publicationsСерия: Mini 4Автор(ы): Ken NeubeckЯзык: EnglishГод издания: 1995Количество страниц: 52ISBN: 0-89747-335-3Формат: pdf (300 dpi) 1600x 2470Размер: 41.8 mbRapid 17

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USAF) 76 The DB-2 was delivered to Wright Field on 8 November 1937 as a flying test photo laboratory to test various new cameras, but its factory modification was found wanting. (USAF) when six B-17s were gi ven the featured role in an air review that the GHQ Air Force put on for the American Legion Convention in ew York. Later that year a B-17 was flown to California to be placed on exhibit for the well attended Golden Gate Exposition at Treasure Island, San Francisco. 4, which has been commonly referred to as the search and bombing of the battleship Utah, took place on 13-14 August 1937.

Signal pistol Type M-2 located in a holster on the floor to the left of the pilot's seat. Oxygen Cylinders. (Author/Pima) 68 69 Douglas B-18 Bolo - The Ultimate Look: From Drawing Board to U-boat Hunter Making the Fuselage and Wing Watertight The exterior seams and joints formed by the fuselage covering were assembled without any sealing compound. 5 and the outer wing ections were made watertight by a brush application of Lionoil tinted with Prussian Blue. The Lionoil application was to be generous, so as to flow into and seal open crevices and between the rivets.

The propellers were equipped with alcohol glycerin anti-icers in a four gallon tank. The pump switches were located on the co-pilot's electrical panel and on the tank. De-icer This system consisted of Goodrich de-icing boots mounted on the leading edge of the wing, vertical and horizontal stabilizers, and two radio masts. The boots were inflated by air pressure from the exhaust side of a Type B-1 engine driven by a vacuum pump. The boots were inflated in five sections or stages by the rotation of the distributor valve, which rotated once each 40 seconds by an electric motor, and on every rotation all de-icing boots were inflated and then deflated in sequence.

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